Super Nova

DAY 121 web_-2 BW2Day 121 (May 1, 2014) – New York, NY

Every once in a while I’m absolutely floored by the talent of the performers who ride the subways belting out tunes for spare change a few crumpled dollars. Of course you have to deal with a lot of people who really aren’t that talented singing out of key or that person that truly believes in the heart that they are a super star but their execution leaves something to be desired. Well, not today. Today I had to take off my head phones and stop listening to my morning podcast (Freakonomics) and fall into a soulful daze. I was in a trance I think. And I wasn’t alone. The whole subway car had their eyes fixed on the man strumming guitar strings with the voice from heaven. I unconsciously tapped my feet and gave a slight head bob as I got lost in the music. I didn’t want this subway ride to end. I wanted to miss my stop so I could hear the next song. I wanted to see this guy on TV, maybe Star Search (wait, does that show come on anymore?) or The Voice or something like that. Hell, I wanted to buy his CD and I never buy CDs anymore! But none of this happened. I reach my stop. Grab a few dollars and thank him for making my morning commute memorable. Almost everyone else does the same as they leave the subway car. We all have smiles on our faces as we do the zombie walk to work.

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