Brooklyn’s Eiffel

DAY123_CONEYISLAND_0020 webDay 123 (May 3, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

Have you ever been to Coney Island? That wonderful boardwalk where for a second you can make believe that you are in California or Florida or any beach destination. The waves break on the shore, kids play in the sand making sand castles that will inevitably be toppled. Couples hold hands as they stroll down the board walk taking it all in. Then….you realize you are in Brooklyn. At times, the sounds of the elevated subway cars drown out the seagulls and ocean breeze. There is constant chatter with a heavy Brooklyn accent (or Russian, Polish, Puerto Rican, Caribbean, Indian and a few other ethnic groups). You all notice that the only palm trees on the beach are actually man made (I think they are metal and plastic) and the water looks…..well… let’s just say it doesn’t look blue.  Regardless Coney Island is a magical place.  A true New York melting pot filled with amusement park rides and games. It even has it’s own Eiffiel Tower-looking thing. The old parachute ride. A leftover from the 1939 World’s Fair that has been out of commission since the 60s. Now it just stands as a landmark kissing the BK sky with memories of thrills and adventure from yesteryear.


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