Day 125_3 webDay 125 (May 5, 2014) – Queens, NY

50 years ago in Queens, famed NY master builder (and city planning demigod) Robert Moses brought us his vision of the world of tomorrow.  If you don’t know anything about Mr. Moses, please look him up. His name is truly fitting since he probably thought of himself as a god. He is responsible for building massive highway systems that cut through neighborhoods (mostly ethnic and low income) in an effort to get the rich to park destinations outside the city. I;’m talking the BQE, Henry Hudson, Cross Bronx Expressway, etc.  Moses built that, parting neighborhoods like water and killing them in the process. He was the master of urban renewal and one of his last projects was transforming a trash dumping ground and marshland into the site of the 1964 World’s Fair, Flushing Meadows Park.  There is little left of the fair grounds these days. The parachute ride, now in Coney Island. The American Pavilion, a shell of it’s former self and only briefly used in movies (think Men in Black). And the Unisphere, built to celebrate the beginning of the space age, stands as the only true preserved relic of the fair.  Back then they thought we would be living on the moon already. That our lives would be more of a Jetson’s lifestyle with robots and technology dominating. I guess certain things have come true, minus the moon base.


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