DAY 126_WEB_-5Day 126 (May 6, 2014) – Brooklyn NY

In the hood there is an arms race. 22s, Mac 10s, Choppers, 45s, take your pick. Cats are armed in the hood. Ready for the war. Wearing colors and claiming blocks. Truth is, they don’t own the block. Never did and never will. In the hood we make up boundaries and create armies to protect them. They fly colors – Red, Blue, Black,Yellow, White. And defend their turf by any means necessary.  Sometimes innocent people are caught in the cross fire – maybe a child on their way home or a mother going out for groceries or just kids being kids playing in a front yard.They’re just victims living to close to the battlefield never prepared to fight. And for the soldiers, they seem to die at regular pace. Afghanistan and Iraq have nothing on the streets of Chicago or Detroit or Oakland  or just about any other distressed urban core neighborhood. They fight and fight and no one wins.

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