L – O – V – E

DAY 131 web_-2 BWDay 131 (May 11, 2014) – Philadelphia, PA

I’m in the city of “Brotherly Love”…..and I’m not really feeling the love. It’s Mother’s Day and some people are walking around with a chip on their shoulders.  I’m talking about that look you get when people instantly detect you’re not from there. And where is there? Philadelphia, aka Philly, aka Illadelph. You know that blue collar working man’s city with a little grit and a lot of grime. That gritty city that is forever the underdog. I’m talking Rocky Balboa and the hapless Eagles. The City of Brotherly Love? HA! A lot of other cities do the whole tagline / moniker thing a lot better. Las Vegas – Sin City – now that’s perfect. How about Salem, MA – The City of Witches! Now is that fitting. Or, Brew City….guess what city that is? If you guess Milwaukee, WI….. you one a prize! Ok.. you don’t get anything but the pleasure of reading this blog and looking at a pretty picture. 🙂 But that’s the gift that keeps on giving!

So…Philly….”Brotherly Love”…na…. I don’t see it. Should be the Land of the Pretzel. Or the Home of the Champ. Something like that. ? Φιλαδέλφεια = brotherly love (trust me, I googled it!). It’s Greek. And that’s where this nickname comes from. I still hate it! Or maybe I wouldn’t feel this way if people just showed me a little love today!


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