DAY 134Day 134 (May 14, 2014) – Newark, NJ

Have you ever wished for a better tomorrow? For things to just be different….for you…for your city. Politicians preach hope and change all of the time and you are usually left wondering what could have been. What if people cared about my neighborhood. What if our schools were better. What if the streets were safe. What if everyone had a good job. What if there were no politricks and in politics. What if everyone just truly cared. Where would we be? Where would cities like Newark or Philly be? Maybe downtown development would actual trickle out to the neighborhoods. Maybe we wouldn’t just build the buildings, but actually get to work inside them too. And maybe there wouldn’t be the need for hope and prayer and dreams. There wouldn’t be nightmares. You wouldn’t bury your child. Your predetermined life would have a happy ending.  Things would just be different.

Today, I’m in Newark, NJ and they just elected a new Mayor who is again promising change and a new tomorrow….a new Newark.  Let’s hope change finally reaches everyone.



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