Love and Locks

DAY 138 WB_-14Day 138 (May 18, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

It’s a nice day for a walk. The weather appears to be perfect. I ignore the cloud formation building up in the distance. My trusty iphone weather app and Sam Champion and even Al Rocker said it wasn’t going to rain today. Or did they give it 30% chance or something like that. Those damn weather reporters also hedge their bets! I head down to DUMBO (Down Underneath the Manhattan Bridge Overpass – just in case you wanted to know what that stood for) to enjoy the weather, day dream about being a millionaire so I can could actually afford to live in the neighborhood and check out my favorite summertime margarita spot, Pedro’s.

No trip to DUMBO would be complete without walking around Brooklyn Bridge Park. It seems like every other week they are adding something to this park! They just opened up a new pier with basketball courts and street hockey rink and it looks like they are adding more beach front (yea…beach front on the east river….I think I’ll pass on taking a dip).  And now there is a giant berm / levee to prevent flooding from what will eventually be another “Sandy” type storm in the near future.

Before heading back to the real world, my world, I stop to admire the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s still one of my favorite sites in this city.  I noticed a bunch of locks attached to the railings near the bridge. I take a photo and remember my time in Paris walking across a foot bridge covered in locks.  I saw a young couple, so obviously in love that you could almost feel it as if there was an aura that surrounded them.  They held hands and whispered to each other as a hint of red appeared in their cheeks. Blushing.  Their hands only parted to open the pad locks they had brought with them. I was a voyeur, spying a special moment between two people in love. The closed the locks touching one another on the crowded fence. There was something written on the locks that I couldn’t make out. Then, they closed their eyes and tossed the keys into the river. Content, they kissed and then walked away holding hands even more in love.

Show over, I go about my way as well wondering what it feels like to leave a lock.


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