DAY 145_WB_-3Day 145 (May 25, 2014) – Hinesburgh, VT

I find myself in an unfamiliar place. What’s that smell?  I take a deep breath. Still can’t place it. One more. Ahhhhh. It’s fresh air. I’m in the woods. I’m in Vermont. And for the record I consider the whole state “the woods”. It’s green. Very green. There are critters all around me. I’m not talking about the pet rats we have running around NYC, but real live critters. I think I just saw Alvin, Simon and Theodor (the chipmunks) scurry on by.  I’m on a hike although my friend says it’s just a simple stroll through the woods to get to the “beach”. I had a climb over a fallen tree, so it’s officially a hike in my book. Now we are deep into the woods. There is green all around me. Birds are chirping. I can’t see them but imagine they are sitting on high branches mocking the city kid out of his element. Yes, I was a boyscout, but that was years ago. Now, I’m on this path looking for the subway entrance.

I never found one.


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