Blue Storm

DAY 146_WB_-9Day 146 (May 26, 2014) – Burlington, VT

There is a storm coming. Temperature dips followed by the smell of rain. The rain begins to fall. The first drops calls for reinforcements until it’s the water comes down at a steady pace. Weather man (and trusty iphone) said there was a 40% chance of afternoon showers. No one believed him until he was right. Maybe it will be a quick sprinkle. Enough to annoy you and for you to seek shelter for a while, but not enough to cancel the BBQ. It’s Memorial Day and the parades must roll. Storm clouds in the distance say otherwise.

I toss a pebble into Lake Champlain and watch the ripples fight the rain drops.   My friends are with me, but I stand my distance.  I’m looking for my image and taking in this moment. The clouds become more ominous.  I’m lost in my thoughts as I look at nature’s reflection in the lake.  The rain drops sooth me. I’m calm. Despite the storm.


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