DAY 153_WB_Day 153 (June 2, 2014) – New York, NY

“What time is it? It’s SHOW TIME..SHOW TIME!!!”…..every once in a while you’ll hear this call on a crowded subway. And then a couple of kids will go into a speech about how they aren’t here to rob you or sell you any candy….they just want to dance! I’m talking America’s Next Dance Team….dance! Sometimes they’ll carry a boombox and play some real fast music while they shuffle their feet, do tricks with hats and of course perform some kinda Cirque du Soleil acrobatics on the subway poles. It’s quite impressive. I don’t know how they manage to perform with so many grumpy New Yorkers lucking disgusted that these kids are ruining their “quite” commute time. Tourist usually don’t know what to make of the spectacle, but they tap their feet to the music and look on in bewilderment. I always try to acknowledge these kids and I reach in my pocket to pull out a few crumpled bills. I’m proud of their hustle even if they aren’t going to Julliard any time soon.


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