That Lean

DAY 156_wb2_Day 156 (June 5, 2014) – Portland, Maine

If you’ve spent any time in the hood or just about any urban city you may have noticed a few street contortionist. I’m talking guys and women who are master level yogis with the flexibility the revival any guru. They lean and bend backwards or forward usually in a rhythmic bouncy motion until they just about touch the ground. You think they are going to fall over and crash into the pavement, but they never do. It’s truly an amazing skill. It’s that heroin lean! I don’t know what what it is about that drug, but you can spot someone on H a mile away. I watched this guy arch his back like a pretzel half a sleep or in a drug induced haze. I think he was trying to walk across the street, but every time he took a step his bounce and lean prevented the forward motion. He was stuck in place.


7 thoughts on “That Lean”

      1. I wonder how that would look like in a looped GIF.
        It’s probably gonna up the amusing factor even more–a guy trying to walk but ending up bending and leaning over and over. Haha!

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