Linda Carter

DAY 158-9__21 webDay 158 (June 7, 2014) – New York, NY

Back in Gotham. All is well with the universe. No more bad guys running around causing havoc. Today, for the first time in a while, us super heroes – we can finally rest. I lay down the cape and lose the mask for a while and blend into the crowded streets. I’m just a faceless soul as I enjoy and uneventful day.  If these people all around me only knew what I did for a living. Of of the evils that lurk all around them. Would they walk around aimlessly all of the time – without a worry in the world. The world is far from perfect, but there are a bunch of super heroes out there working every day to make it better. Take Wonder Woman for example. She spends most days flying around in an invisible jet and using her truth lasso to uncover clues and solve crimes. And on the weekends she moonlights at the Big Gay Ice Cream shop on the lower east side. I didn’t realize an ice cream shop needed a bouncer…but apparently this one can get a little rowdy with the tourist.


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