DAY 167__13Day 167 (June 16, 2014) – New York, NY

The World Cup is here…and I’m going crazy! Today the US team plays there nemesis Ghana. The relatively small Western African  country that has knocked us out of the last two World Cups! I’m torn here. I usually root for all African teams. Ivory Coast is my favorite because Didier Drogba plays for them….and if you know…you know that I am a huge Drogba fan! I still wish he was in Chelsea blue, but whatever colors he wears I’m still a fan.  Today… I’m gonna have to go Red, White and Blue. I don’t really have that much US pride normally for a host of reasons…but this is the World Cup! And all of my issues with this country that is still filled witch racism and inequality kinda go out the window as soon as the team takes the pitch and the whistle blows. For the next few weeks I’ll be in a daze. Nothing will really matter except for a footy’.  GO USA! I’m not asking for much…just make out of the first round!


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