DAY 168-69__5Day 170 (June 19, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

I can’t believe I’m in Williamsburg. I hate this place! And secretively I wouldn’t mind living in one of the new fancy apartments that dot every block. I hate Willi-B because of one thing and one thing only….ok…two things. 1. There are too many damn hipsters walking around! You know….. lot’s of plaid and tight jeans… or men rocking full grown grisly-man beards (side note, I’m mad jealous of these beards! If I could grow a full beard I might just compete with these guys!) and over-worn t-shirts while the talk about design or some other random esoteric subject. They drink craft beer with their meal of all locally grown produce. I’m talking rooftop urban farms and organic honey from Bushwick! The hipster girls are no better with their retro look, or mandatory glasses with large thick frames. They only rock outfits from thrift stores and jewelry from local artisans. Oh…and most of them are young…or youngish’ ….but for the guys with all of that facial hair it’s hard to tell sometime. Ok….reason #2 why I hate Williamsburg…….it’s just too damn expensive! Only these grisly-man beard rocking, thrift store shopping, organic everything eating folks sure do have access to a lot of cash….or they are living 4 people to a 1 bedroom apartment (which is not unheard of in NYC). Regardless…. I hate hipsters…and I hate Williamsburg…can’t wait to escape!


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