DAY 172-73__110Day 173 (June 23, 2014) – Washington DC

It’s that moment when you realize that you are 10 feet away from the President and his body guard / man that can kill you in 100 ways…in 10 seconds / the man that has been mean mugging the entire audience with a look that clearly says don’t even think of trying anything or….I’ll kill you / man that is clearly built like a tank…and can probably kill you in 10 seconds in way more than 100 ways / secret service (with an emphasis on SECRET and SERVICE) looked your way and then moved his hand to his ear. Everyone knows that when he moves his hand to his ear that someone in the control room is delivering a message….like…watch that guy with the camera…he looks suspicious.

So… down and one eye on the secret service who is eying me, I watch the President deliver a great speech……and then I get out of dodge before the men in black can get to me.


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