Push Cart

Day 175Day 175 (June 25, 2014) – New York, NY

I have to admit, every once in a while I have a craving for a hotdog from a random street vendor. Of course I never succumb to my cravings because I don’t eat beef or pork and we all know the best hotdogs have all of the leftover bits from cows and pigs (and I’m sure other random animals)…and I guess they probably wouldn’t have a veggie dog hiding in that cart…and who the hell would eat a veggie dog anyway! To me, street vendors are absolutely fascinating. If you are up early enough you can see them lugging their carts through the streets ready to set up shop for the day. These are the original “pop up” shops! In New York, most of the carts are owned by immigrants from Pakistan to Mexico to Ghana to Turkey. They are all have different stories and they are all trying to live the “American Dream.” I think about my grandma and her push cart in Jamaica. It definitely wasn’t as fancy as any of these carts in the states, but it was the way for her to make a living. She would pull her cart of scrap wood and metal and set up shop outside the local grocery store selling all types of trinkets and small items. She was an entrepreneur and I guess, small business owner, just trying to make a little money to help her family.  Jobs in Jamaica are tough to come by, so sometimes you have to make your own. I think you would hear the a similar sentiment from the hundreds of men and women who set up their “pop up” shops on the streets of New York everyday.


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