DAY 177Day 177 (June 27, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

I see him almost every day. He is usually sitting in the shade watching his cart of flowers and probably praying for a customer. It’s unconventional to say the least. It’s a mobile flower shop or simply a shopping cart full of bouquets. I don’t quite get how this stuff works. Where does he get the flowers each day. What’s the markup and what’s his take home pay everyday. Hustling flowers on Myrtle Ave. can’t be that easy. I’m still trying to figure out who buys them. Is that young writer who wants a start the day out with fresh flowers on the table. Or is that boyfriend in the doghouse trying to makeup with his girlfriend? Really, who buys this stuff? He’s out there every day, so I guess someone must be buying street flowers…..maybe it will be me one day.



3 thoughts on “FLORISTA”

  1. I buy street flowers in Miami, for my mom 🙂 or for myself 😉 yet I wonder the same thing…how much can they be making. Great shot.

    1. THANKS!!!! I think I’m just going to ask one of the people out there selling flowers one day…or I’m going to follow them around for a day and see the whole operation. 🙂

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