Talkin ’bout a Revolution

DAY 185_WB_-3Day 185 (July 5, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

His afro pick with the black fist clung tightly to his curly curly hair. It was a work of perfection – a dome that obviously required a lot of attention. That pick wasn’t just for show. It was well used fo’ sho’! The young sista’ next to him whispered the plot in his ear. Revolution. The time is now. It will be televised. Hell, it will be on the internet; twitter; instagram; facebook; black twitter; tumblr; pintrist….all of social media (ok, maybe not myspace). It’ll start in Brooklyn. Where else?! She said Radio Raheem will be there. Bugging Out is coming through. Mookie gonna throw that trash can through Sal’s window! The riots will start. He replies, ‘na sista, The Race Riots will start here! We ain’t losing Brooklyn!’. They contemplate revolution while the Brooklyn around them is changing (changed). They scheme in a crowd of others. Waiting for that moment when enough is enough. When they just can’t take it (change? gentrification? investment?) no more. They scan the crowd and see a few more afros and naturals…with strong black fist. They make eye contact and gives a head nod. They know…..they won’t be alone when the revolution starts.


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