LittleMan Uptown

DAY 192 WBDay 192 (July 12, 2014) – Harlem, NY

Summer in Harlem….there is nothing like it. Uptown is my old stomping ground. I use to live on 136th and Frederick Douglass. The good old days of brownstone living. This was a time when you knew your neighbors and greeted everyone with a simple hello, how you’ doing or a simple head nod. Damn, I miss these days. I love Brooklyn, but there was nothing like my time in Harlem. For a while it was the old New York. I guess, it still is in pockets despite all of the new development all around. I’m here visiting friends and just taking it all in. The kids playing in the streets. The hustlers, naturally hustling. The old ladies walking to church (yes, even on a Saturday). The street prophets, preaching to anyone who will listen. The teenagers just chillin on a stoop in lively conversation. It’s hot. The streets are hot. But this is Harlem and everyone is cool.



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