Goodnight Cleveland

Day 193Day 193 (July 13, 2014) – Cleveland, OH

So…I decided to take my talents to Cleveland…at least for a few days. The King is back and all is well in Lebronland. It seems like every news report starts with a Lebron story and I can’t tell you how many jerseys I saw today. I thought they hated this guy for “The Decision” to leave Cleveland four years ago and head down to South Beach. For the record..I would have moved to Miami in a heart beat…and I probably wouldn’t come back…not after a city turned on me. But…what a difference four years makes. This is definitely a city on the rebound. Development is happening everywhere (except, naturally, some of the neighborhoods who really need it) and jobs are being created. Fancy restaurants are opening….and downtown rents are up….in some instances they are like New York prices…really, Cleveland?  On that note…I say good night and remember the city’s industrial blue collar past and hope that this new city creates opportunity for everyone.


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