CLEVELAND__203Day 196 (July 16, 2014) – Cleveland, OH

I’m still in Cleveland. I’m tired. It’s 8AM and my flight was cancelled again. And the flight they rebooked me on was just delayed 3 hours. I’m having the worst travel luck. I’ve been sitting in this airport since 5:30 AM. My original flight was suppose to leave around 6:30AM and now I double I’ll make it back to the office until 2pm. I’m grounded after this for a while. It’s a self imposed no fly month or two for me. (Of course…this is just work travel.) Because naturally I’m flying on Thursday night to see visit the Grand Canyon. I just hope my travel look improves.


2 thoughts on “NO FLY ZONE”

  1. Definitely this blog is very informative and neatly designed. Really you’ve motivated me strongly in my new project by this article. As a constant reader of your blog I want to tell you that your writing skills are superb.

    1. Thanks David!!!! Glad you like my images and random thoughts. I have to apologize for all of the typos – I’m usually writing late at night and sometimes half asleep. I would love to learn about your new project.

      – Shawn

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