DAY198_-2Day 198 (July 18, 2014) – Las Vegas, NV

Finally a little R&R…and I’m in Vegas! I don’t really gamble…but when I do…it’s always roulette. I’m definitely not at the high roller table…just $10 dollar hands and dreams of striking it rich. I always imagine turning $10 into about $100,000….then being upgraded to the Presidential suite and treated to some fancy dinners and what not. Of course while I’m on my heater I meet a few ladies and I kinda look like “the man”…or at least a sexy-looking wallet.  Na….that will never happen. You gotta play big to win big and my gambling limit is about $50 or what I would spend on three drinks at some swanky bar in Manhattan. I treat gambling like a night out on the town or going to the movies….both can be fun…or just really suck. So.. I take it with a grain of salt. If I win…it’s like I just found $20 on the street! For this weekend, I’m off the strip and I’m staying out of the lime light. Time to chill. Time to relax.


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