Happy Hour

Day 204__5Day 204 (July 24, 2014) – New York, NY

It’s about 4:45pm and I just finished a team retreat a little early…and boy do I need a drink! I don’t think I’ve been to bar this early before. There are some random characters who obviously look like regulars. You should should have seen the looks we got when we walked in..well it really wasn’t that much of a look. These guys were too into their afternoon beer to really pay us any mind, but still there was a glance that said…hmm what are you doing here? The one saving grace of this place was the cute Irish bartender that chatted me up for awhile. She even thought I was black Irish! Which for the record…I probably am.. well at least Irish Jamaican! With a name like Shawn Patrick I have to be part Irish! (side note: My mom named me after Sean Connery because she had a crush on him…..the only thing is she didn’t know how to spell his name)


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