Night Train II

Day 203__24 bw webDay 203 (July  23, 2014) – New York, NY

I’m just as tired as these two guys sitting across from me. I struggle to keep my eyes open. My head occasional bobbles as I fight sleep. I think it’s round 5 or 6 and sleep has definitely gotten the best of me. It hit me with a two piece and a biscuit that left me dazed and confused. I need to get home. I need to sleep. I might just pass out on this train and end up in Far Rock (aka Iraq..aka the danger zone). That wouldn’t be a good look. On the night train in unfamiliar places. Ding! Round 8! I’m making a come back. My eyes are starting to focus a bit more. The weights on the eyelids lifted a bit. I open them just as we reach Jay Street. I’m almost home….


One thought on “Night Train II”

  1. Seems as though the female passenger wasn’t too pleased that you were pointing your camera in her direction. You really aught to curate a mini-exhibit of just your subway photos. They have an all too real feel to them.

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