Blue Orange BK

Day 215 webDay 215 (August 4, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

Why the hell am I up this early?!? I can’t sleep. My body is on that old man time clock these days. I naturally wake up and it’s still dark outside. And I can never go back to sleep. I’m up already. My body told me so. I send a few emails. Look at the clock…. it blinks at me…4:48…tick 4:49…tick. It’s not going to stop. I throw on some kicks and head out the door. Brooklyn is still sleeping and full of life at the same time. The blue collar workers are up and about. They give each other head nods and dash into the bodega for coffee and an egg and cheese. All of the faces are familiar. Still in a semi-zombie state I had over my dollar in exchange for some java. This is not starbucks. When the guy behind the counter ask – “how you want it, boss?” there are only three real options 1. regular (light and sweet), 2. black and 3. with a little milk. The transaction is complete. I got a regular of course, but I told Papi’ to be easy on the sucre. Time for a morning walk with my thoughts and a podcast or two to keep me company. I walk and listen to Ira Glass as the sun swallows the night, turning the sky orange as the blues and purples recede.

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