Plastic Beach

Day 214_2 webDay 214 (August 3, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

I guess palm trees just don’t grow in Brooklyn. I’m not even sure if we tried to import them in. Or maybe we figure that BK is just to hard for the palm trees. Ain’t nothing exotic about Coney Island. Sure we got a roller coaster and a nice board walk…but after that, just super blocks of nondescript buildings….projects mixed in with market rate housing..mixed in with a few luxury condos. Like I said…ain’t nothing exotic. Yea we got Nathan’s hotdogs and the Cyclone roller coaster…and I guess there is that relic from the world’s fair….but that’s about it. Wash away the funnel cake and freak show…freaks…and what do you have? Actually a pretty interesting neighborhood of Russian and Polish immigrants with a sprinkle of Puerto Ricans and some Jamaicans……..essentially, you have New York…the melting pot of cultures. And so what if we have fake palm trees! We’re in Brooklyn and we have a beach!

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