DAY_222__59Day 222 (August 11, 2014) – New York, NY

I never take the Long Island Rail Road…but for some reason today I’m making a quick trip to a part of Queens that has me on the LIRR. I feel out of place here. These folks are regular regional commuters. You can see it in the way they navigate this system of endless tracks.  You can tell by their commuter swagger they walk around with.  They can’t be bothered by someone looking for directions. I know I heard someone chuckle as I looked at the screen in confusion.  I’m definitely an outsider in this world…and I don’t like it! Did I mention I also had to switch trains! Who does that! Me…I guess…that’s who. Not sure if I’ll be coming back out here anytime soon. I like my number and letter trains better….and that’s what i’m going to stick to!

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