Ball Wall

DAY_228__47Day 228 (August 17, 2014) – New York, NY

All it takes is a ball and a wall. It’s simple. Insert one small blue round ball (preferably a racquetball ball).  Add a wall and some concrete. Sprinkle in a few competitive characters and a small crowd on the sideline talking a little trash.  Glove or tape hands.  And play like your life depends on it. That’s hand ball in NYC. I really don’t know the history of the sport…but I call it the poor man’s tennis. It’s like the poor kid’s baseball….stick ball. You take something that typically requires you to buy equipment and strip it down to the bare minimum.  Who needs a racket or bat when you have your hands or a simple broom stick. No need for fancy balls either a cheep tennis ball or small rubber ball will do the trick. And forget about playing fields of grass…these games are played in the street. All you need are some makeshift boundaries and the will to win.

It’s Sunday afternoon and I have some time to kill before my shoot later…might as well take in a handball game.


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