DAY_230__2BWebDay 230 (August 19, 2014) – New York, NY

The sounds of the New York City subway…..there’s just nothing like it.  Each day is different. You may get the random mariachi band singing a tune as the skillfully walk through a crowded subway car…or of course you get the kids dancing on the poles with such grace that would make any stripper jealous…or sometimes you’ll get a wide variety of homeless people and hustlers panhandling for change….and today…I got the African drummers!!!! Their drum beats offer the perfect complement to rumbles of the train. They keep the train in rhythm and catch the attention of everyone trying to ignore pulsating sounds. I thought about just grabbing one of the drums and joining the subway sounds….but then I remember…I really can’t play any instrument! Hell…I can’t even fake it well. I let the masters do their thing and sit back and enjoy the sounds.


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