DAY_231Day 231 (August 20, 2014) – New York, NY

Ok. As a kid I was a comic book head. I read comics all of the time….I traced the covers and tried to convince people that I could really draw and of course I reenacted key scenes from the comics with my friends. I was / am and X-men fan. You know, Wolverine, Storm, Professor X and dem’! A bunch of mutants and outcast trying to save the world…or save themselves from an evil world. There are so many hidden commentaries on race and exclusion hidden on the pages of these comics. The mutants are a marginalized group…people fear them…the government loves and hates them…the public can’t make up their mind… Do you notice any similarities to the disparities that some communities in this country experience? Hmmmm…. Well…. anyway… when I saw this red headed phoenix walking by, I had to snap a picture. She looks like she is ready for battle!


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