Bearded Kiss

DAY_234-4__41Day 234 (August 23, 2014) – Harlem, NY

I’m back uptown! At the Charlie Parker Jazz festival. Good music. Great company. Perfect day. And, I’m in Harlem! Everything is perfect…well…..everything was perfect…until I witnessed an unspeakable site. What I thought was a tender moment between two lovers ended in horror! The kiss was going well…kinda sweet…and then it happened! I always worried about this type of thing happening to hipsters. His well manicured beard misbehaved! I’m serious! Out of the blue, the beard…well…it just attacked! I think it swallowed her face whole! You can notice girl with the hat next to the couple is looking at them wondering what the hell is going on. This was the moment right before the attack…I couldn’t lift my camera to capture the entire assault…I was in shock.

Ladies…..just a warning… I know you may think the guys with big beards are cool….but sometimes bad things can happen with big bad beards. I’m just sayin’!


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