DAY_235Day 235 (August 24, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

They looked directly at me. Or perhaps they looked through me. After all, they were looking towards my soul. They wanted to know who it belonged to. They felt that perhaps it (I) needed an awakening…a spiritual awakening. Who do you believe in? That’s the question they asked only with their eyes and earnest look.  Who is your Savior, they wanted to know. Did I know? They welcomed me. They wanted to share their happiness with me. They pushed religion on me…never to aggressive….but always with a slight hint of “boy, you don’t know what you are missing!” type attitude. They were quick with pamphlets and little books that could explain better or simply tell compelling stories.

I pass as they watch me. I say a simple “no thank you” and keep on pushing on. I know I’ll see them again…sitting on the same bench pushing the same drug of religion…and providing hope to the hopeless and faith to the believer.


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