DAY_250__2Day 250 (September 8, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

Lately I’ve been struggling with this project. I knew it would be hard to find a new image to capture every day. I thought I would have assignments that could make things a bit easier.  I thought the excitement of the project would just keep me going.  Today, I’m tired. I had a board meeting and I guess I’m always a little stressed around these days.  I left the meeting happy having participating in a solid day of learning.  That’s when she told me to just relax and let the image find me.  She reassured me that it was there and that I shouldn’t try so hard. I remembered I just need to have fun with this project. I remembered I just needed to relax…the image will find me.


3 thoughts on “Loungin’”

  1. These are tremendous images. The best ones seem to be those that come to you. Not when you aggressively hunt for “the” shot. Looking forward to the boulevards of Paris.

  2. I love this. Makes we want to take a moment to pause. To take in those final rays of summer with ease and not the stress that sometimes post-August can bring. A wise woman indeed. 😉

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