Day 252_GENEVA_-4bwebDay 252 (September 10, 2014) – Geneva, Switzerland

I’m not sure if I just look for these images or maybe it’s because of my consciousness I always see the underbelly of life. I’m in Geneva for the first time. What a beautiful city! I’ve scene at least 8 Ferrari already and a bunch of other fancy cars. I also have a bit of sticker shock when I look at the prices in just about every store. This is an expensive city and by the looks of it everyone must be rich….well not everyone. There is always an underclass. There is always the poor in beautiful places. There is always the “have nots” walking amongst the “haves”.   My lens seems to always find them. I always want to know their story. I want to understand the cards life dealt them. I want to know why things are this way. Why things have to be this way.


6 thoughts on “Supplication”

    1. Thanks! I’m sorry for the delayed reply. I’ve been on the road for the last few weeks. Thank you for checking out my blog and I’m glad you like my work. This has been a tough project, but I’m having a ton of fun.

  1. Shawn, what a compelling image and narrative. Thank you so much for doing this project and bringing us our daily dose of beauty and necessary heartbreak.

  2. i hear you on the extreme and very visible gap between rich and poor in Geneva. I recall walking to a meeting a few years back and passing by the ultra-luxury Vacheron & Constantin watch shop in front of which was a Gypsy family pan handling. The disparities in wealth are even more unsettling when you consider the billions upon billions buried in Geneva’s famous vaults right beneath the feet of the woman in your photo!

  3. I finally took some time to look at your 365 Project. I wish I could comment on each and everyone of your images. I’m so moved with your stories, your ability to see the light in the darkest places of humanity as you travel the world. Your lens always seems to capture silent voices and troubled hearts. Yet, you manage to show the beauty sometime we fail to see with the naked eye. Maritza Raimundi

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