Bag Lady

Day 254_-21Day 254 (September 12, 2014) – Paris, France

She asked for forgiveness for she had sinned. She apologized to anyone who would listen as the guilt of years living on the run eroded her very sense of being.  Gone were her small town girl features and innocence and what sat before the priest was a sophisticated, witty, beautifully elegant woman who was fierce enough to survive a life as diamond thief.  She stole hearts as pocketed millions. She convinced unassuming victims to let her in to their lives and robbed them blind. And today, so confessed her sins to the young priest as she pocketed the gold and diamond incrusted cross that sat at the alter.  I peeped her game. I saw that sly look and subtle smile as she walked out of the church victorious with her sins forgiven.


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