Ms. Jessie’s Place

Day 258Day 258 (September 16, 2014) – Memphis, TN

She told me that Ms. Jessie’s is the “spot” in this neighborhood…the kind of place that has a million stories to tell.  Like the time that Junebug from around the corner tried the rob the joint and everyone knew who he was as soon as he opened his mouth. They just laughed and told him to ‘get on outta here before there is real trouble’. Every hood has a place like this where the regulars rule and newcomers are greeted with inquisitive stares before they are left alone to the drink. It’s 12pm and I don’t have time for a drink….(I’m working!) but I imagine a version of me sitting at the bar…. yea it’s mid day, but I need a drank. That heat is oppressive outside and a ice cold Miller is what I need. And the ladies in Ms. Jessie’s are fine! I’m talking about with a capital F.I.N.E. I’ve been eyeing that new bar tender for weeks…that little red bone thang’ with the good hair and pretty eyes. Today is my day. I just got paid and I’ma’ let her know how I feel. I play it straight and direct….”Hey, girl…I wanna’ be your man and I don’t care if you got someone else….after five minutes with me…he’ll be irrelevant anyway.” She smiled and I knew I had her…it’s just another day at Ms. Jessie’s.

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