Salute #2

Day 264__15Day 264 (September 22, 2014) – The Bronx, NY

Each time he stepped to the plate the house that Ruth built the crowd stood in ovation and chanted his name.  Flashbulbs from a sea of cameras, faint chants of cracker jackets and beer and the hopeful look of kids seeing their hero for perhaps the last time added to the spectacle.  The stadium was filled with fans of all ages, but all kids today.  All of the whispers and rants were focused on good ol’ # 2….a Yankee through and through.  He was meant to wear the pinstripes and boy did he ever do it with grace, humility and joy.  I got to see his last hit at Yankee stadium tonight….fittingly a double.  Two last bases for #2. It’s the end of an era and I’m sad to see Jeter go.


4 thoughts on “Salute #2”

    1. WOW!!!!! Thank you so much!!!! That’s means a lot to me. I’m glad you like my images. This project truly has been a blessing. I get to share work and in return meet other amazing photographers!…..and because of you, my itunes is filled with all types of new songs!

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