Brothers Grocery

Day 277__99Day 277 (October 5, 2014) – Memphis, TN

Hey gonna play his numbers…before he go to church. It’s the lord’s day and the lord’s way. He gotta win today. Pastor told him that things gonna be different. Pastor told him just last week that his luck was gonna turn. Maybe for the first time he gonna see that glass half full. Maybe this time, he gonna experience the Memphis all dem tourist talk about. They happy. They smiling and drinking on Beale Street. They only feel the blues for 45 minutes sitting in one dem bars with Mississippi and Memphis sorrow strummed on guitars on blown in to horns and microphones. They get bob their heads and close their eyes and imagine the pain. He feels the pain every day.  The songs they humming…that’s his life. You see…there are two sides to every city and there are always the “haves” and the “ain’t never had nothing” types.  He gonna play dem numbers today. He gotta have something for once in his life.


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