Steel City

Day 279Day 279 (October 7, 2014) – Pittsburgh, PA

When you build the headquarters for the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA) naturally you use….aluminum! Yea…that’s right the ALCOA building in Pittsburgh features an aluminum exterior…and a really funky radiant heat and cooling system. This is me geeking out about architecture. 🙂 The other cool thing about this building is…that each window rotates 360 degrees so that can cleaned from the inside!! Note to self….I need to explore Pittsburgh’s architecture. This city is way more than Super Bowl trophies and overstuffed sandwiches. (By the way if you are counting…we have 6 Super Bowl wins! GO STEELERS!!!!!)



One thought on “Steel City”

  1. Weird that the world’s largest aluminum company would locate its HQ in Steel City? Almost as weird as believing the Steelers might ever reach the Super Bowl again…

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