New China

Day 286Day 286 (October 14, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

I’m always fascinated by the names of Chinese food restaurants in just about any city. You have your ‘No. 1 Chinese’, ‘Royal Panda’, ‘Ocean Dragon’, ‘Lin’s Chinese’, ‘Golden City’, ‘Beijing Chinese’, ‘China Gourmet’, ‘Han Dynasty’, and the list goes on and on and on. There are definitely lots Pandas thrown around and exactly how many No. 1 Chinese restaurants can there be in a city? I think I’ve seen at least 6 in Brooklyn alone. And who the hell is number two and three? And…when the hell was the vote! I didn’t get anything in my mailbox…hmmmm suspect!

Well…I’m out for a late night bike ride and these are the things that I think about… Next time I might just have try out New China and see just how new the menu is.


One thought on “New China”

  1. In Jackson Heights, our favorite Chinese takeout joint is Saw Shack. The owner is a 28 year-old war veteran, and grew up in the neighborhood. He’s Chinese-American and his parents used to be chefs at Gobo and Zen Palate. The place also has a good vegetarian menu. He’s definitely flippin’ the script on what a takeout spot should be. And Saw is his last name — we were wondering about that at first.

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