The Screen Writer

Day 285bw wbDay 285 (October 13, 2014) – New York, NY

He thumbed through pages of sure thing Hollywood blockbuster. He told everyone who would listen (or who tried to ignore him) how he gold on those pages. He read a few lines out loud and the quickly hushed. “Can’t share to much, don’t know who is on this train!” He went on to explain that some of his movie ideas had been stolen already. Let’s see….. Jurassic Park, that was his. The Matrix, yup that too. Hell, he even said the stole The Godfather from him! Yea…that Godfather! And that’s when all the eyes on the subway did a collective roll. His last words when he left the train… “You’ll see! You’ll see! I’ll be walking the red carpet next year! You just don’t know when you’re sitting next to greatness on a subway car!”.


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