Day 298_WB_-23BWDay 298 (October 26, 2014) – Cincinnati, OH

He drank away dreams and washed down nightmares with each swig of that brown stuff

This life is hard for him so he finds a bottle that makes him feel numb

The pain is just too much

Looking in the mirror at his today is too much

The world was  just a few blocks away

The world always felt like it was a thousands miles away.

Downtown with its tall buildings and people going to work in three piece suits was like tv life

TV life was always make believe, fake, not real life, not hood life

Once his dreams were bright and filled with hope and desire

Once family and community was one in the same

Cheap booze with cheap Names replaced hope in his life

Cheap booze made him forget each miserable day

He saw too much killing

He knows too much pain

People don’t care about him

People have ignored him, his community, his friends, his kind forever

He drinks to escape today

He drinks to hide from every day


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