Goats and Devils

Day 303Day 303 October 31, 2014 – New York, NY

Honestly folks, I’m not exactly sure what this is. It just might be the beginning of some crazy pagan ritual. I’m kinda scared to ride the train with these folk. I guess this is just Halloween in the City.  And…talking about Halloween in the City……have you ever noticed that kids trick and treat at all of the stores? Well…at least in the hood, that’s how it goes. You find a commercial strip and just go store to store for the goods. I was secretly hoping that the Jamaican spot in my neighborhood would be handing out beef patties…..but no…. all I got was a “ya must be mad!, and candy dun! and, what da’ ras!?!? You na even’ have costume! gweh!!!” Well…at least I tried.


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