Mega Millions

Day 304Day 304 (November 1, 2014) – Brooklyn, NY

The Mega Millions is over 250 million! I really don’t play the lotto…but when it’s this high….I got dreams! I think I spent half of the money already in my head. I bought a fly ass brownstone in Park Slope, a Tesla and a vacation home in Jamaica. I also bought my mom a crib and gave each one of my siblings a millions dollars. I paid for college for all of nieces and nephews and my friends’ kids.  And then I got a new wardrobe….I’m talking about with a stylist that’s going to make me look good! I bought two or three watches (you know I man can never have too many fancy watches). And then I dropped about $20k on new camera gear. And of course I just booked a trip around the world where I stop on every continent. Oh, did I mention I’m flying first class and staying in fly ass hotels! And after that’s done…I’m going to start my own foundation to make sure I give back to the community and my peoples in Jamaica. Hell, I’m even going to have a school named after me or something. I think I’ll still have at least $100 million left!

Now….all I have to do is actually buy a ticket.


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