Old Town Nights

DAY 315_WB_-4Day 315 (November 12, 2014) – Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

The streets were empty when we finally arrived. I’m in San Juan, Puerto Rico to meet with community groups and to learn about the challenges on the island. These are the pretty streets. The cobble stones of Old San Juan that are packed with tourist during the day. Away from old town is real life on the island. A simple life. Farmers in the mountains and modest homes in and outside of the cities. Everyone is always look for a job. There just aren’t enough of them. Everyone is looking for something better. Family in the states sends money home, but it’s not a solution. The economy of the island is deeply tied the US policy. It has always been a tough go for people here. This recent recession and policy shifts have made it worse. I hope we can learn about the opportunities here and I hope together we can find some solutions. Solutions that will make life better. Answers to the challenges of island life.


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