Ataque De Paloma

DAY 318_-2Day 318 (November 15, 2014) – Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

I watched her play pied piper to a bunch of pigeons. She controlled them masterfully with tiny gestures and hints of a reward to come. They milled around her waiting patiently for just one crumb to fall….and then they would spring into a mobbed frenzy.  She seemed in control of the situation but I really didn’t know who had the upper hand. Because this morning, I sat on that same bench and some of these pigeons look familiar.  I can tell you now that I wasn’t in control of the situation. Hell…I’m even surprised I made it out alive to tell you this story. You see, I just finished up an early morning “run” around Old San Juan and decided to reward myself with a little treat. I hopped in the bakery across the street ordered… ‘hola mami, dame un cafe con leche  y quesito, por favor’. Spanish sucks, but that’s besides the point because it got the job done! I walked across the street sipping my cafe and ready to dig into the flakey goodness I’ve been waiting for since I got to the island. I find a bench and get to work…..first bite…mmmm mmm mmmm This is exactly what I remembered from last trip to Puerto Rico…mmm mmm mmm… I’m about to take another bite when I notice a pigeon creeping up on me.  I pay it no mind and enjoy my quesito…..and then a couple of crumbs fall as I grab my cafe con leche…..and out of nowhere there are 100 pigeons at my feet! I swear they swooped down from every tree in unison as if they were trained WWII dive bombers. I’m a bit startled…but not deterred. I’m gonna finish this damn quesito! And that’s when that pigeon that was creeping up on me gets bold! He literally hops over my lap lands right next to me and gives a look. It’s a familiar look….it’s a look that says…’son, you don’t want none of this. Run your jewels or you going to get hurt!’ Apparently this bird is from Brooklyn or at least he got a BK swag that’s undeniable. Of course he aint asking me for my watch or gold chains (for the record I’m not rocking a gold chain), he is eying the rest of my quesito! You know I’m thinking…’na son! that aint going to happen today. We gonna have to shoot a fair one and knuckle up!’ And that’s when some of his boys jumped up on the bench too and I before you know it I was quickly out numbered. And they weren’t playing!! I really don’t know how these birds get down, so I had to reassess the situation and make a judgement call…. my half eaten quesito or my life… easy decision.. I tossed my quesito and ran the other way. You gotta know one hold them…you gotta know fold them…you gotta know when to walk away….and you gotta know when to run!


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