Redemption Song

Day 338_11 BWebDay 338 (December 4, 2014) – New York, NY

Is anyone listening to his words….his powerful words…his words of hope. I need them this morning. I’m still upset after another failure of the justice system. I need these words. He is singing for me. He is singing for hope. He is singing for Eric Garner and the the countless black lives taken away. This is my soundtrack as I get ready for another day…with a slight chip on my shoulder and an uneasiness in my step. But I know when I get there….I’ll just put on the mask. The mask that lets me live each day in this place. The mask that hides my tears and pain. I’ll stay strong, stoic and unmoved….but on the inside… damn…on the inside I’m lost….I’m scared…I’m angry…I’m uncertain…..


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