After the Riots

Day 356 web 1Day 356 (December 22, 2014) – Ferguson, MO

After the riots where do we go from here? I’m not even sure what we / they are looking for. Justice? When have we ever gotten justice before? The system doesn’t work the same for some people and that’s just a fact. We can ignore or deny it, but it still remains a fact. I got to visit Ferguson today and frankly, it could be just about any community around the country that is increasingly minority and increasingly devoid of jobs and opportunity. It was pouring rain, yet I saw too many people walking around or waiting for a bus that’s slow to come on a good day. I saw strip malls filled with second tier businesses some fast food chains. None of these jobs are that good and I’m sure most won’t lift a family into the middle class. You can see the signs of the riots everywhere you look….boarded up windows, stores turned to ashes, and a hopeless look on some peoples faces…maybe not hopeless, but perhaps a look of resolve knowing that the American Dream can sometimes be a endless nightmare. I’m not sure what to do. I look at things through an economic lens..if people here had better jobs perhaps their lives would be different….but they would still be black and justice would probably still allude them. I know the feeling. I know how I’ve been treated when I’m not wearing a suit and tie. I know that I’m never given the benefit of the doubt. I know what handcuffs feel like when you’ve done nothing wrong except be in the “wrong” place at the “wrong” time. And I’m not alone.  As a country we have a long way to go…..



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