A Long Road Ahead

DAY 366 webDay 366 (January 1, 2015) – Somewhere in Mississippi

2014 was truly a great year. I met some amazing people…crisscrossed the country knocking out 3 more states on my list (only North Dakota is left for all 50) and I was able to share my experiences with friends and strangers. This project was humbling and I’m thankful that I decided to keep a camera with me every single day this past year. Photography has always been a very personal experience for me. I’m a voyeur wandering through life and the lens allows me to be both present and hidden in these special moments.

I don’t think I can stop now. I’m going to continue this project. One new photo a day…for another year…but there might be some slight changes. I’ve been thinking about documenting the change in Bedstuy. so perhaps that becomes the focus of this year. Or maybe I should expand my subway images…I’m already starting a new instagram feed (mostly likely called ‘SubwayMoments”). And I’m actually going to start another blog titled “Distant Dreams” where I’ll post my travel photos from the last 10 years.

So….. with all that said… I’m back!!!! Happy New Year!


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