Missed Moments

DAY 370-2Day 370 (January 5, 2014) – Brooklyn,  NY

I’m up early these days. Hitting the gym at 5:45AM…trying to get back to player weight… trying to get my sexy back. I swear there is a skinnier Esco inside and I’m trying to liberate him in 2015! So, I’m on the treadmill getting my run on and I notice one of the most amazing moons I’ve ever seen. 1st. It was orange! and 2nd it was directly next to the Freedom tower. and 3rd. It was big as hell! I couldn’t believe it….I almost stumbled and fell off the treadmill when I noticed it. Now here comes the decision….do I finish my last mile or run down stairs and grab my camera and head to the roof….  well… I finished my run…ran down stairs…and was too late! what was the perfect picture quickly disappeared as the moon crept behind Freedom Tower and clouds. In seconds it was gone. I need to get my priorities straight!

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